The Top 4 Reasons for Buying American Made Mailboxes

When you hear the term “Made in the USA” you know it means quality. But you might worry that American quality means higher priced. We know that feeling. But Steeltech Mailboxes is an American small business. We have more control over production, overhead, inventory and customer service.  We’re not an online big box store that offers hundreds of mailboxes made anywhere - from China to Timbuktu. Your mailbox is crafted individually, by hand, in our own shop in Molalla, Oregon. We pay attention to the details. You can feel pride in supporting an American small business and pride in owning a quality mailbox. 

  1. When you own a Steeltech mailbox, you’re supporting the American way of life - the American dream.

    Family and small businesses make up about ¾ of the total businesses in the USA.  When you purchase our products, you’re recognizing the American commitment to hard work, ingenuity and the promise of quality. (accountability, promise, guarantee). 
  1. Our promises to you show we’re serious. Click here to learn more about our guarantee.

    We care about each mailbox that goes out our shop doors. We want to build a legacy for our families and community.  Our reputation is at stake so we go the extra mile.
  1. Unlike imported goods, our products have a true guarantee. We must meet the standards and regulations set by US labor laws and the USPS.

    You can call me, the owner, directly if you have any questions.
  1. When you buy an American-made Steeltech Mailbox, you’re contributing to the American economy. American people spending American dollars on American products equals American jobs.

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