What Makes A Steeltech Mailbox So Durable?

When you buy a mailbox, you expect it to last without constant maintenance. But most mailboxes are made with flimsy, inferior materials. Steeltech Mailboxes uses 100% stainless steel that lasts for years with almost no maintenance. Mailbox maintenance doesn’t need to be on your “to-do” list. 

Your Steeltech mailbox will last for years and keep looking like new because it’s crafted from 100% stainless steel.  Steel is one of the strongest industrial metals. But regular steel will rust when exposed to air and water. Over time, a mailbox built with regular steel will rust, corrode, weaken and need to be replaced. That’s why Steeltech mailboxes are crafted out of 100% stainless steel.

Most locking mailboxes on the market are made of regular steel or aluminum. Regular steel mailboxes are either coated with a layer of paint or powder coating.  Over time the paint chips off or the coating fades.  The steel underneath is then exposed to the elements and will rust.

Aluminum is even weaker than regular steel.  It won’t deter stand up to “baseball bat” vandals.

Sanding and painting are necessary to keep a regular mailbox looking good for years.

Stainless steel does not rust.  It’s used in a wide variety of quality products because it’s strong and durable. Stainless steel has aesthetic appeal and today’s modern look.

Stainless steel is self-protecting.  It can withstand the harsh elements of nature.  Stainless steel is an alloy made up of iron, nickel, manganese, copper, carbon and chromium.  Stainless steel must have at least 10% chromium to be labeled as stainless steel. 

Chromium is the metal behind stainless steel.  It provides the non-porous surface that makes stainless steel corrosion and stain resistant.  Chromium gives the metal surface a regenerative invisible coating that acts as a protective barrier from the elements.

Scratches won’t cause wear or damage to stainless steel.  The material is solid all the way through.  Getting a scratch won’t expose underneath surfaces that rust.  Scratches from flying sand, dust or small debris won’t destroy the look of a Steeltech mailbox.  When stainless steel gets scratched the scratches will naturally blend together over time. A natural patina develops adding a refined look to your mailbox.

Constructed with stainless steel parts. Steeltech mailboxes are crafted with 100% stainless steel hinges, nuts and fasteners. The doors and hoppers will keep working smoothly for years with minimal maintenance. Because the hinges are also made from stainless steel, they won’t rust, corrode, come loose or stick. All hinges, hardware and craftsmanship are guaranteed as long as you own the mailbox. 

Click here to learn more about Our Guarantee.

Each Steeltech mailbox comes with a high-quality, American made cam lock. These locks work with precision and last for years. Your decision to own a secure locking mailbox shows you’re serious about security. We are too. Our decision to use these American made cam locks was made with your security in mind.  Our locks come with a lifetime warranty. Click here to learn more about the Warranty.

Each Steeltech mailbox comes with a sturdy plastic flag and bracket. The flags are made in the USA with our own injection molds.  They’re UV damage resistant from sun and weather. Our plastic flags are designed for flexibility. They won’t easily break when bumped or whacked – even in the upright position. Our mailbox flags are designed to hold up for years but may eventually wear out. 

You get Free Flag Replacements as long as you own your Steeltech mailbox.

Click here for more information on our Free Flag, tags and clip replacement guarantee.

For long-lasting durability and good looks, choose a Steeltech Mailbox. Your mailbox will last year in and year out. Exposure to rain, sleet, snow, sun, heat and flying dust won’t damage its solid good looks. You’ll feel proud of the statement your mailbox makes without extra work on your part.

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