What Makes Steeltech Mailboxes More Secure?

What Makes Steeltech Mailboxes More Secure?

  • Design 
  • Materials 
  • Component Parts 


Home and business owners seeking security in their locking mailbox want a strong defense against thieves. You’re anxious to protect your valuable information and purchases. But most mailboxes are built with poor design allowing crowbar break-ins and phishing. They’re made with inferior materials. That’s why Steeltech developed custom design features. We also use top grade materials. When you own one of our secure locking mailboxes, you can stop being vulnerable to theft and identity fraud. Experience the relief of security.

  • Unique Custom Design 

 Two Key Features

Steeltech Mailboxes are built with two key features giving you extra security.

  • rolled front edges
  • recessed retrieval doors are

Both the rolled front edges and recessed doors makes the mailbox nearly impossible to pry open – even with a crowbar. Thieves’ efforts are prevented and they’re more likely to move on to easier targets.

Prevent “Fishing” - Steeltech Mailboxes designed their doors and hoppers to prevent “fishing.” A common consumer complaint about other mailboxes on the market concerns entry door and slots. The slots and doors are often too wide.  They allow thieves to put their hand in and pull out mail. Or a thief can “fish” mail out on many standard mailboxes.

Vandal Resistant - If a gang of vandals go through your neighborhood playing “baseball bat bashing,” they’ll be sorry they targeted your mailbox. The rolled edges of Steeltech Mailboxes makes them sturdier, stable and stronger.  The rolled edges stiffen the whole structure.  The same concept is used in making cars stronger in crashes.  The body and frame edges on autos are also rolled.

Extras- Each Steeltech mailbox has a “dimpled” bottom. This design adds structural stability and keeps your mail dry from any condensation moisture.

Spot Welding – Each mailbox is constructed with attention to every detail. We individually spot weld the mailbox together.  Inferior mailboxes are assembled with rivets, screws or bolts. These have a tendency to rust out and work loose.  Spot welding melts two pieces of steel together creating one strong unit. The welds can’t be pried apart and don’t come loose.  

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  • Materials 


Steeltech Mailboxes are crafted with 100% stainless steel.

Strong equals secure. Stainless steel is 25% – 30% stronger that regular (mild) steel. Stainless steel is significantly stronger than aluminum. Regular steel and aluminum also come in various gauges but the actual thickness of the metals is less than stainless steel.

Steeltech mailboxes are all built with heavy duty 16-gauge Stainless Steel

The gauge is the thickness of the metal. The lower the gauge number, the thicker and stronger. The 16 gauge is thicker than 18 gauge. The lower the gauge number the stronger.  But a thicker, lower gauge would also weigh more and make shipping costs skyrocket.

Steeltech uses only 16-gauge because it’s strong, durable and resists dings.  A 16-gauge stainless steel mailbox will be far less susceptible to denting from cars, trucks or snowplows.  

Best Security, Best Quality at the Best Price

A 16-gauge stainless mailbox balances strength with affordability.


  • Component Parts 

 Each Steeltech mailbox comes with a high-quality, American made cam lock.  These locks work with precision and last for years. They’re one of the best on the market.

Your decision to own a secure locking mailbox shows you’re serious about security. We are too. We selected these American made cam locks with your security in mind.

But it’s our unique install design that makes the lock unbreakable.

Each cam lock latch is on the inside of door and rotates upward when you turn the key. The latch slides tightly at an angle to the door jamb.  We’ve also welded a metal plate to the back of the retrieval door.  If a thief tries to pry the door open, the front of the cam latch would catch the door jamb that has a rolled edge.  Plus, the back of the cam latch would be supported by a thick piece of metal – a security backup feature.  

The cam latch would have to shear off to get the door open. This is mechanically impossible because of our design.

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