Why Have a National Mailbox Improvement Week?

Why Have a National Mailbox Improvement Week?

The US Postal Service designates the 3rd week of May as National Mailbox Improvement week.  Most mailboxes show wear and tear after heavy winter storms. With better weather  headed our way, we can dig into some Spring cleaning.  That includes sprucing up your mailbox.   

A mailbox in tip top repair improves neighborhood appearances. Appearances aren’t just about aesthetics.  A well-kept community means better property values.  Everyone benefits.

 Especially if you or your neighbor plans on selling. Curbside mailboxes in good repair create great first impressions.  The good-looking mailbox, manicured lawn and bright flowers speak volumes. They’re a sign that this is a homeowner who cares.  Buyers will feel confident that they’re looking at a maintained home.

The Postal Service is concerned about safety.  A mailbox in good repair makes delivering and receiving mail safer.  Safer for carriers and customers.

 Check your mailbox for the following possible repairs:

  • Loose hinges on a mailbox door.
  • Peeling paint and possible rust.
    • If left unchecked, the rust will eat through the metal and your mail will get wet.
  • A mailbox coming loose from its mounting or post.
  • Torn reflectors.
  • Lost or torn house numbers.
  • Broken flags.

 If you plan on installing a new mailbox, follow the regulations.  The Postal Service requires all mailboxes be USPS approved.  If you install one that’s unapproved, the USPS can refuse to deliver your mail. Be sure to check out the guidelines regarding installation.  Be aware of the height specifications and the required distance from the curb.

 National Mailbox Improvement week encourages all customers in city motorized, rural, or contract delivery service routes to inspect their mailboxes.  Make repairs as needed.  You’ll be happy.  Your neighbors will be happy.  And you’ll keep getting your mail safely delivered.  

 USPS mailbox guidelines for continued mail delivery service:

  1.  Approved by the Postmaster General.
  2.  Fully operational.
  3.  Designed to protect the mail from weather.
  4.  Safe to use.
  5.  Conveniently located.
  6.  Neat in appearance.



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