No. 13 - X-Large

No. 13 - X-Large

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If your neighborhood has an uptick in mail theft and you’re a target, then you’ve come to the right place. Security minded home and business owners safeguard their mail and privacy with locking Steeltech Mailboxes.

The No.13 is made entirely of 100% stainless steel: the box, interior parts, hinges, and locks.

People always ask, "Why are your mailboxes made with 100% stainless steel while others aren’t?”  Our answer: Imagine the difference in strength between an elephant and a bull. Stainless steel is about 30% stronger than regular steel. And astronomically stronger than aluminum. This locking mailbox gives you extra security. It’s effective in deterring thieves and vandals.

The No.13 has several other security features to safeguard your mail. Some of these features include: 1) a cone fitted around the quality cam lock to prevent tampering, 2) a bar that supports the back of the latch making it impossible to pry the door open, 3) recessed, anti-pry retrieval door preventing crowbars or screwdrivers from prying the door open, 4) rolled front edges on top and sides making the mailbox strong; both impact and pry resistant.

The incoming hopper door is designed for security too. It’s big enough to accept average-sized packages but does not allow thieves to fish mail out. The No.13 has huge storage capacity for holding a week’s worth of mail and packages.

Using 100% stainless steel also means your mailbox won’t rust out – even if it gets scratched.

Steeltech Mailboxes constructs the X-Large No. 13 locking mailbox with American made materials, top to bottom. We handcraft each mailbox with care in Portland, Oregon USA.

Detailed effort goes into the craftsmanship of each mailbox. And it doesn’t stop there. Our customers get top notch customer service and innovative extras.

If all you got was security and durability, investing in a Steeltech Mailbox would be worth it. But with your purchase, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You also get lifetime FREE replacement of any parts that may wear out such as the flag or outgoing mail clip. In addition, if your mailbox ever gets smashed by a semi-truck or otherwise seriously damaged, we’ll give you a 30% replacement discount.