Frequently Asked Questions

What is spot welding?

All of our mailboxes are assembled using a process called spot welding. Spot welding is relatively fast and efficient but most importantly it is extremely strong. Because the two pieces of metal have actually been fused together the attachment can never be taken apart as is the case with rivets. The process of running a spot welder also has an old fashioned feel to it which we enjoy. We leave the spot welds untouched to give our mailboxes that distinct look. If you don't love that look consider the high quality, black powder coated finish instead.

To learn about the technology behind spot welding check out the link below.

What is stainless steel and why is it better?

We use 304 grade stainless steel with a No. 2B finish to construct all of our mailboxes. 304 stainless steel is wonderful because it does not rust or corrode even when exposed to tough conditions such as salty air or salty road grime. Stainless steel comes in several different types of finishes. The finish we use is called No. 2B and is primarily used in tough commercial conditions such as chemical holding, food handling, marine equipment, etc.

Will my mail carrier need a key to deposit my mail?

Mail carriers do not carry keys to open individual mailboxes; therefore, the outgoing mail cannot be secured in a locked compartment while awaiting pickup.  You are the only one with a key.  Your incoming mail is safely stored until you unlock the retrieval door.

I lost the installation instructions.  How can I get a copy?

Click here to view a printable copy of installation instructions.