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Mail Theft In Your Neighborhood?

Keep Thieves Out

Get Peace of Mind Only Security Can Bring!

Get A Secure Locking Steeltech Mailbox

X-tra Large No. 13 On Sale Now

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"Our mail carrier said, "These are the best mailboxes!" We're the third home on our cul de sac to get one and we love the way our DIY stone surround turned out"    Doug & Jenn, West Linn, OR

Here's why you need a locking mailbox

whether you buy ours or not!

  • Millions of mailboxes are broken into every year.
  • Thieves sell your info to online black-market sites.
  • They can change your address and redirect all your mail.
  • Then they gather even more information and open credit cards and bank accounts in your name.
  • Mail theft usually happens soon after mail is delivered on your street – thieves are on the lookout and know the schedule.
  • Mail theft happens most often in late afternoon when schools get out. Are you usually home in the late afternoon?
  • Once a neighborhood is targeted, thieves come back again to steal from easy targets.
  • Holidays always bring an explosion of mail theft.

    If your mail is stolen, how much time and money will you lose?
    A lot more than the cost of a secure locking mailbox!



    "With our Steeltech we finally have a mailbox
    that gives us peace of mind"
    Aaron Crowley, Canby, OR - Husband, Father, Business Owner

     Steeltech Mailboxes - Discover the Difference

    100% Stainless Steel - Strong Protection Against Break-ins

    • Steeltech Mailboxes, parts and locks are made of 100% Stainless Steel for durability and strength.
    • Stainless steel is 25%-30% stronger than regular steel and seriously stronger than aluminum. Vandals and thieves cannot easily bash or break stainless steel.
    • Stainless steel is non-corrosive. Unlike regular steel or aluminum, it won’t rust out - even when scratched or dented. Steeltech mailboxes hold up to abusive weather. Your mailbox will look brand new for years.
    • NEW!  Steeltech Mailboxes now come in powder coated black finish with added clear coat for even more durability.

     Unique Security Designs - Protects Against Crowbar Entry

    • Mailboxes have rolled edges providing structural stability and anti-pry defense. Thieves won't succeed in using a crowbar to pry the edges open.
    • These mailboxes have recessed doors providing even more anti-pry security. It’s impossible to gain leverage with a crowbar to pry the doors open.
    • An anti-shear protective plate is behind the cam lock and protects the lock from crowbar force - the lock can’t be pried out or bashed in.
    • The hopper-style mail intake deters mail “fishing”.


    If all you got was security and durability,

    investing in a Steeltech Mailbox would be worth it!

    But with a Steeltech Mailbox you also get:

    • FREE Shipping
    • FREE Lifetime replacement of any parts that may wear out – such as the flag or outgoing mail clip.
    • Lifetime Family Discount – if your mailbox gets smashed by a semi-truck or otherwise seriously damaged, you get a 30% replacement discount.

    Our Guarantee

    Your extreme happiness is our aim. We want you to be so happy you’ll tell all your friends and neighbors about Steeltech Mailboxes.

    • No Risk, 30-day, 100% Satisfaction Return Policy
    • No Re-stocking Fee!!
    • FREE Shipping on returns
    • If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, just contact Steeltech Mailboxes within 30 days of purchase to receive a full refund (or to exchange the product for a different one).** 


    The X-tra Features of the Steeltech X-tra Large, No. 13

    See Mailbox Video Below

    Large hopper door for incoming mail.

    Huge storage capacity for holding a week’s worth of mail.

    It can accept large legal sized padded envelopes, mail order medications, larger books, and some clothing packages.

    Dimensions -
    Accepts Packages 10” x 3.5” x 8”
    Mail Capacity Height 12”


    Enter promo code " Holiday Sale 10% " at checkout to save 10% on entire order.




    Enter promo code " Holiday Sale 10% " at checkout to save 10% on entire order.

     Happy Holidays!


    USPS Approved
    Durable Molded Plastic Red Flag
    Name Tags and Outgoing Mail Clips
    Cam Lock and Keys
    Mounting Hardware (4 Bolts, Nuts, Washers)
    Pre-Cut Holes for Post
    Complete Installation Instructions

    **The product must be returned in its original packaging in “new condition” (i.e. without scratches, dents, or other damages that would affect the resale of the product).